My magic boy

For all of you who hasent followed my story, it is about a Sportpony/Ridingpony stallion who was going to save my farm, so I had to sell him. The man who was going to have him on stud and buy him, didnt pay me more than deposit, he didnt either pay me his stud fees, everything was in the contract he signed. A young girl competed him very successful in UK for 6 months up to the highest  FEI test, then he disappeared. I have been fighting for almost 3 years, been to court and won! 
The whole story will be made clear but writing it takes time, but it will amaze you how this evil vindictive man changed his story, lied cheated and threatened both me and Diablo and my English friends throughout my struggle.
Yesterday Diablo arrived, it started to snow and when the sun went down he came, just like a Christmas gift. All white and happy, he is back in my stable. But we have been fighting so hard, the story is not pretty, and it is not finished. But the most important he is back we saved Speyksbosch Diablo!
I could not have done this without my friends, friends who came to rescure me when it was very dark, I just say dont mess with horse girls, we can be dangerous when we come toghter. We have a goal, and we will go for it. Read more.....
Speyksbosch Diablo only three years old
Diablo in his in hand class at International welsh show in Holland 2009
A happy ponny
Diablo with his breeder Mr Wim van Bemmel Speyksbosch Stud
Hingst - Ridponny - Speyksbosch Diablo