Speyksbosch Diablo

I will write this is in English so you all English people will be aware of this man who has done so many people damage.

You must understand that  when I got Diablo back it was because Damien Harris/Darbyshire said he would not pay me a penny of the money he owed me, because he had put all his money in his husband's/partners account and name, so he could claim that he had no assets and make himself bankrupt if I persisted. His husband is Mark Darbyshire who is a doctor and yet he is also part of this corrupt thing to steal horses from people.


Do I know this for sure, yes I do.  He told the journalist from Horse & Hound and it was printed for everyone to see,  and in court he admitted that he used his husband’s bank account to buy and sell horses, including Diablo.

Now he call himself Damien Harris again but his partner is Dr Mark Darbyshire, and you can see on his Facebook page that he still claims that the stud is owned by this Mark Darbyshire.

I got him back my poor pony who has been inside a stable for at least 2 and a half years, you can see that on how he looked. He was competing with a young girl 2017 for 6 months, at the FEI test and did wonderful. The girl had never competed FEI level before so our Diablo took her up in classes.

I have not got anything back more than my lame stallion. Diablo had a full vet check when he left Sweden in a very good horse clinic, and it was all clean. But after being at Ghabar stud for three months he was lame according to a vet check in May 2017 more than three months after  he arrived to Damien in the UK january 2017. No one told me Diablo was lame and instead of being treated for this lameness, Diablo competed the week after the vet signed that he was lame, and then he competed for the next  6 months and the result is with British Dressage. No one has reacted on that a pony is lame, we did not find out until a year later that he was lame.

I had a lawyer on this when I realised Damien would not pay the money he owed me for buying Diablo, and my Lawyer was forbidding Mr D Harris to use the stallion.

After months of fighting,  in November 2017 Diablo stopped competing and  disapear. He was back on Ghabar stud poor boy. I have been fighting for 3 years in UK court in English, I'm a Swedish woman, and Mr D Harris thought I was a easy game, but dont think for a moment that a older horse woman give up!! We gave him a match and he lost in court and agreed to pay all my cost who was over £22000 and £15000 to finish paying for Diablo, but when he signed the court papers he planned to do as he done before and claimed himself bankrupt.

So when it was time for him to make the promised payment he said he would not, and he blackmailed me and said he was going to sell Diablo on an auction if I dont take him instead of the £37,000 he owed me, and this poor boy had to be rescued. So I had to agree.

This scumbag of person was lying in court with his hand on the bible, I had so many friends who showed up in court, to support me and they could also hear him lying.

He said in court Diablo had no mares and there were no foals, and now suddenly there is more foals registered, he was supposed to pay me £400 for each time Diablo had a mare, but I have got nothing. Damien Harris and his friends will go on and fraud new people, becourse UK can not stop people like him. Look at the link there is Diablo foals.


Amazingly you can see that even the SPSS studbook manager, Lucy Sheldrake, has a foal by Diablo but she has registered it after the trial with another studbook the AES, and without her prefix!!! Ms Sheldrake supported Damien all the way through the trial, and now everybody must wonder why she has quietly registered her Diablo pony foal with another studbook rather than use her own SPSS studbook, and why she has not used her own stud prefix on a foal born to a mare she owns and bred that DOES have the stud prefix. This seems very devious to me.

Thanks to all this, I have lost all my savings, but I was not going to lie down and just let Damien walk all over me and destroy my pony without a fight. Gut now I will be watching this evil man and will try and stop him doing the same to any one else. I will also be watching Dr. Mark Darbyshire!

Shame on Damien and all the people who helped him.

If Mr Damien Harris has been living in Sweden he would have been banned for life to have animals!
Speyksbosch Diablo he is back and soon in his prime again
 This is Diablo when he was 8 years old and still with us now he is 16!!